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Proposed California Law Fails to Exempt Nail and Skin Care Professionals From Booth Rental Restrictions.

by NLS Staff | Given the popularity of booth rental, the significant impact of last year’s California Supreme Court decision known as Dynamex on the beauty industry has been difficult to gauge. The court’s decision narrows the definition of an independent contractor significantly, resulting in most booth renters being considered salon employees instead. Recent… Read more »

Legal Guidance for Salons During a Pandemic

by NAILPRO   The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) partnered with attorney Laura Lawless for a “legal power hour” to discuss legal guidance on Covid-19. Topics of the discussion included steps to follow when a guest or one of your stylists has tested positive for COVID-19. NAILPRO caught up with Lawless… Read more »

10 Business Tips for Young Salon Owners

The dream for many is to open their own salon, gain a loyal clientele and garner success. Some nail techs harbor this career ambition from an early age, and some actually make it a reality before they even reach 25. However, being a young boss comes with a laundry list… Read more »